Tips For Black Womens Makeup

It has been said that in the beginning, black women were made to be pretty and thin; as a result, many people believe that they should only wear light makeup. However, just because black women have historically been made to be pretty, it does not mean that they cannot develop their own signature make up style. While many women may be content to stick with a foundation that is cream based, there are a wide variety of black make up colors that can be worn alone or layered with a foundation to achieve different looks. Here are some of your best options for applying makeup to the skin.

Light Skin: Most modern makeup companies now offer a foundation that is suitable for light skin tones. This means you can wear foundation and create the same look you would if you had lighter skin. If you want to soften your look, choose a neutral shade so that your color will stand out. When applying foundation, you can use a brush to spread the product on your face, or you can tap off a bit onto a cotton swab and blend into your skin.

Medium Skin: For those with medium skin tones, you can still get away with wearing foundation but choose a bit darker shades. Choose shades such as nudes or browns instead of gold and bright green. These types of colors will make your eyes pop, while still being natural-looking. One great tip is to use concealer to cover blemishes or acne problems and let your make up stay on your face throughout the day.

Black Makeup For Black Women: Even though most make up brands designed for white women now offer foundation for black women, you can purchase foundation that is designed for this skin type. If you have black skin, you may opt for a matte finish as it is easier to blend in than gloss. You can also purchase make up that contains more than one shade of foundation, allowing you to change your look if you need to based on the time of day, your mood, or any other factors.

Pink or White Skin: The trick with pink or white skin is to choose neutral colors. Look for warm taupe shades that compliment your complexion. If your skin tone is very pale, consider using a cool pink foundation that is not as bright. If your skin is more oily, go with a warm, glowing blush. You can even use a foundation with two different hues if you are going on an interview or a job interview and having to look professional. Remember to practice with a very small amount of make up on your face to make sure that it blends well.

There are many options for black women when it comes to cosmetics. Choosing your make up is no different than picking out any other color. If you have fair skin and a dark complexion, stay away from oil-based makeup as it will shine right through your dark skin. Stay away from dyes as well; they tend to change colors and look bad on people who have darker complexions and skin.